Zadok Yehuda

Staying true to his unique vision, designer and gemologist, Zadok Yehuda, makes all of the jewelry in his collection himself.  In his custom work, Zadok is a big believer in choosing a design that reflects the emotional component of the wearer. At the end of the day, he says, jewelry making is so much more than just wear-able art. “People often come to me during precious moments in their lives and I try to capture those emotions. I want to connect with people. Just as gold and silver are rare and precious metals, love and marriage are precious moments. It is an honor for me to serve these moments as best as I can.”

Zadok was born in a small village in Northern Israel, the youngest of eleven brothers and sisters. After beginning his creative career as a photographer, a chance meeting with a goldsmith on a foreign trip ignited his passion for jewelry. He started making jewelry just for fun but then embarked on an artistic journey to learn unique ancient goldsmith techniques from traditional masters from all over the world. “When I came back to Israel, I found out that my grandfather, after whom I’m named, was a goldsmith. I was already interested in jewelry, but once I learned about my family history, it was a done deal. This was my calling.” He is the continuation of a ten-generation tradition of goldsmiths in his family that originate from the Jewish area of Northern Iraq once known as Assyria.

His work has been featured in various international jewelry shows in the United States and Israel.

If you need to contact Zadok, send a message with WhatsApp or an email to