Robert Richter

Robert Richter creates modern, handcrafted wooden dreidels and mezuzot, as well as Jewish ritual objects ranging from challah plates to Torah arks. In each ceremonial object, he strives to tailor the design and material of a piece to its function in a manner that enhances both. His preferred method is to work subtractively and sculpturally using tools such as the lathe, but the additive element of contrasting woods is a necessary element in many of his pieces.  Many of his pieces feature inlaid woods of different colors. 

Since adolescence, Robert has been fascinated by the creative and artistic possibilities presented by wood. Throughout high school, college and medical school, and as often as possible throughout his career as a surgeon in New York City, he continued to pursue this craft. He began working seriously in wood, however, at age 50, and has been exhibiting his work since 1989. He first participated in the Bet Am Shalom Craft Show in 2001.

He has completed numerous significant commissions for synagogues as well private collections. These include shulchanim for both the women’s and main sanctuaries at Lincoln Square Synagogue, and a full Torah ark installation including the shulchan and lectern for the Jewish Center. Yeshiva University Museum has acquired three of his works for their permanent collection.

Robert lives in Manhattan, works from his studio in Brooklyn, and may be contacted at