Carine & Robert Kleiman, Jerusalem Tallit


Carine Kleiman weaves both traditional and uniquely designed pure wool tallitot by hand according to customer taste. With collaboration from her husband and partner, Robert Kleiman, Carine’s artist’s eye for color will enable you to create your own unique personal design or to wear one of her designs with joy. The Kleiman collection also includes equally beautiful woven tallit bags, kippot and chuppot. Robert also knots, by hand, each and every tzitzit saying the berachah. Doing so transforms a piece of material into a religious garment.Carine joined her father, weaving artist and painter George Goldstein, working in his studio at the Artists’ Colony of Jerusalem starting in 1983. In 1985, Carine was given the additional opportunity to continue the work of Rabbi Roger Kahn who trained her in the art of weaving pure wool tallitot. Carine continued some of Rabbi Kahn’s designs and soon expanded to add new creations under the studio name Jerusalem Tallit.

The story behind the Jerusalem Tallit logo: Before one wraps oneself in a tallit and says the blessing, some hold by a custom the saying of a short private prayer which has a sentence with the following interpretation. "May wrapping the tallit give you strength as an eagle protects its young on its wings." Robert and Carine found this connection between strength and holiness very powerful, which is why they created and love this logo.

Together with other family members, Carine is renowned for Synagogue interior designs which include Appliqué Chuppot, Ark Curtains, Ner Tamid and Torah

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