Frann Addison

Frann knew she wanted to be an artist from the early age of eight, and was encouraged by her mother, a professional artist.  While a graduate student at Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1977 , she read an inspirational article on the need for Contemporary Judaica which she credits with launching her focus on creating Jewish Ritual Objects.

Frann's art often builds on her lifetime habit of being a scavenger.  The process begins with objects she discovers in her wanderings in which she sees potential. Combining metalsmithing skills and artistic vision, Frann transforms these components into unique Jewish Ritual Objects which acknowledge the past while offering new and unusual forms which satisfy the demands of ritual requirements.

Her work has been featured in 10 books, The NY Times, The Boston Globe, magazines, calendars, and note cards.

Frann's Etrog Box was purchased for the permanent collection of the Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia, and her mezuzzot are in the permanent collections of the Mizel Museum in Denver, CO and the Oregon Jewish Museum in Portland.

For the past several years Frann has been commissioned by the Jewish Federation of NY to create their donor appreciation gifts.  One of the pieces she has made for them is a Tzedakah Box where she incorporates various vintage clock and watch parts which she calls, "TIME to Give".  In addition, she created a personalized Tzedakah Box for Charles Bronfman who is passionate in his love of Israel.  For this piece, Frann incorporated coins representing where Bronfman has lived, as well as a map of Israel cut from metal and soldered to the front of the box.  Frann sawed a slot in the map for donations, with the symbolism that when you put your coins through the opening, your monies are going "directly into Israel".

It gives Frann great pleasure to know that her Judaica objects will be lovingly used as individuals or families perform ancient rituals linking past and present.  Frann can help to create that link by working with a customer to incorporate a family heirloom into a ritual piece that they will treasure.

Tradition, spirit, family -  this is what is important to her.  If you need to contact Frann, send a message with WhatsApp or an email to