Lavender Graded Tallit

Lavender Graded Tallit

Robert and Carine Kleiman
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By picking lavender shades and purple for this tallit design, both men and women are attracted to this design. The small shawl size tallit is suitable as a Bat Mitzvah tallit and many men also like this design in the larger sizes to wear as a gown style tallit over the shoulders.

Single weave means that the white warp strands mix with the color weft strands making the true colors lighter. The graded designs are only available in single weave.

Size Guide

Small Tallit - 74" (Length) x 32" (Width)

Medium Tallit - 74" (Length) x 48" (Width)

Large Tallit - 74" (Length) x 53"  (Width)



Made to order. Typically ships within 6 weeks from Israel.