Bryan Goldfeder

His wedding glass project begins with mailing a hand-blown glass and smash bag to the engaged couple. After the glass is smashed under the chuppah to cries of “Mazal Tov,” the shards are mailed back to his studio to be re-constructed into a unique new vessel. The broken shards are still visible, reminding the couple that the world’s brokenness becomes healed in holy marriage.

The Kabbalists say, when the vessel holding existence is shattered, pieces disperse throughout all corners of the universe and we are, thereby, responsible for Tikkun Olam – the repair work of bringing those pieces back together. All of BGOLD’s vessels are made by gathering broken shards and melting them back together with spiritual vigor to make functional Judaica; fulfilling the Kabbalists’ purpose of unification by combining creative techniques with a sustainable, environmental approach. This art is a physical representation of spiritual elevation.

BGOLD is continuing a traditional craft which goes back to ancient times. Glass studios have recently been excavated by archaeologists in Israel and pieces of Roman glass are found all over the Middle East. In 1291, Jewish Venetian glass blowers were moved out of the city to the island of Murano because their trade increased the risk of fire in Venice’s wooden buildings. Although they were not supposed to leave the island and share their craft secrets, the Jewish Diaspora has more broadly spread the secrets of our holy forging throughout the world. When the Austro-Hungarian empire passed a law forcing Jews to take surnames, many chose the name of their trade.   Tailors became Schneiders, barrel makers became Coopermans and glass blowers became Glass, Glassman, Glazier and Klahr. To this day, many glazing companies are family owned businesses.

BGOLDglass’s production studio is located in Boulder, Colorado. The studio also serves as an event space (before and eventually after COVID) where he teaches his craft. The music you hear in his video is his own composition and is performed by Bryan with his group, Recycled Soul.

You can contact Bryan at, by phone at 303-910-1277, or by sending a message through WhatsApp.